Tenth Anniversary Celebrations

The Good Read entered its tenth year in September 2012, and a programme of celebratory events was arranged.

Key events included:

  • Until 31st December 2012 - Waverton Writes (see separate page)
  • Saturday 15th September 2012 - Family Book Hunt accompanied by a "quarter peal" of bells from St Peters Church
  • Friday 12th October 2012 - Award Presentation Dinner
  • Friday 15th February 2013 - Pie, Pint and Book Quiz at The Black Dog
  • Friday 12th & Saturday 13th April 2013 - Village Voices: An evening of words, music and laughter at Waverton Village Hall.

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    Mystery Book Hunt

    On Saturday 15th September families searched Old Waverton for book covers on their way to decoding a story. They started as the quarter peal of bells rang out from St Peter's church and raced to finish before the peal ended 50 minutes later. Many of the participants then had a fascinating tour of the bell tower itself.

    Thanks are owed to Paula Yates and many other helpers for organising this very enjoyable event. Some pictures of the day can be found below. [Some of them appear in the wrong orientation when viewed on an iPad - I can't find a way to fix this! The larger versions (click on the small ones) seem OK.]

    The new WGR banner outside Burley Hall.

    The eight bellringers whose peal launched our tenth year and accompanied the book hunt.

    Filling in the clue sheet.

    Thinking about the right answer.

    Adults tried the hunt too!

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    Waverton Writes

    This village anthology (see separate page) was launched at Village Voices (see separate page for a report and pictures).


    Village Voices

    There are lots of pictures of this wonderful event on their own Village Voices page.

    Pub Quiz

    On Friday 15th February fifty members and friends enjoyed a book-themed pub quiz , along with a pie and a pint at the Black Dog in Waverton.

    Thanks are owed to Gwen and Chris Connolly, Linda and Phil at The Black Dog, and many other helpers for organising this very enjoyable evening. Some pictures can be found below.

    A team puzzling over the quiz.

    Quiz sheet, raffle tickets and the Irish Lotto forms.

    Chris Connolly, the questionmaster, with Gwen (centre).

    Drawing the raffle.

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