2009 - 2010 Nominations

Author Book Publisher
Akinti, Peter Forest Gate Jonathan Cape, Random House
Arnold, Gaynor Girl in a Blue Dress Tindal Street
Ashworth, Jenn A Kind of Intimacy Arcadia
Badoe, Yaba True Murder Jonathan Cape, Random House
Bakewell, Joan All the Nice Girls Virago, Little Brown
Beaton, Jane Class Sphere, Little Brown
Berry, Anne The Hungry Ghosts Blue Door Publishers
Bethell, Zillah Seahorses Are Real Seren
Brackston, Paula The Book of Shadows Snowbooks
Brooks, Charlie Citizen Harper Collins
Busby, Sian McNaughten Short Books
Campbell, Alastair All in the Mind Hutchinson, Random House
Lever, James Me Cheeta Fourth Estate
Connell, Rebecca The Art of Losing Fourth Estate
Crofts, Andrew The Overnight Fame of Steffi McBride John Blake
Davies, Daniel The Isle of Dogs Serpent's Tail & Profile
De Smith, Alice Welcome to Life Atlantic
Dinsdale, Robert The Harrowing Faber & Faber
Edwards, Michael Wild Oats Macmillan New Writing
Elton, Charles Mr Toppit Viking, Penguin
Farlane, Mia Footnotes to Sex Viking, Penguin
Gaffney, David Never, Never Tindal Street
Grant, Andrew Even Macmillan New Writing
Hall, Catherine Days of Grace Portobello
Hall, M R The Coroner Pan Macmillan
Harvey, Samantha The Wilderness Jonathan Cape, Random House
Holmes, Lucy-Anne 50 Ways to Find a Lover Pan Macmillan
Joso, Jayne Soothing Music for Stray Cats Alcemi, Y Lolfa Cyf
Kay, Francesca An Equal Stillness Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Keegan, Nicola Swimming Chatto and Windus

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Author Book Publisher
Kevan, Tim Baby Barista and the Art of War Bloomsbury
Kita, Bronia The Swansong of Wilbur McCrum Picador, Macmillan Publishers
Lawrence, Paul The Sweet Smell of Decay Beautiful Books
Levine, James A The Blue Notebook Weidenfeld & Nicolson
McIlvanney, Liam All the Colours of the Town Faber & Faber
McCreet, James The Incendiary's Trail Macmillan New Writing
Moss, Sarah Cold Earth Granta
Murphy, Peter John the Revelator Faber & Faber
O'Brien, Sean Afterlife Picador, Macmillan Publishers
Packer, Mez Among Thieves Tindal Street
Packham, Simon The Opposite Bastard Macmillan New Writing
Plampin, Matthew The Street Philosopher Harper Collins
Polley, Jacob Talk of the Town Picador, Macmillan Publishers
Quinn, Anthony The Rescue Man Jonathan Cape, Random House
Rance, Caroline Kill-Grief Picnic
Reynolds, Matthew Designs for a Happy Home Bloomsbury
Richards, Anna Little Gods Picador, Macmillan Publishers
Robyn, Fiona The Letters Snowbooks
Ross, Jacob Pynter Bender Fourth Estate
Rusbridge, Jane The Devil's Music Bloomsbury
Salaman, Clara Shame on You Penguin, Viking
Sangar, Andrew The J-Word Snowbooks
Sharp, Andrew The Ghosts of Eden Picnic
Shaw, Ali The Girl with Glass Feet Atlantic
Smith, Gavin Dog Fellow's Ghost Macmillan New Writing
Smyth, Amanda Black Rock Serpent's Tail & Profile
Stockbridge, Sara Hammer Chatto & Windus
Taylor, Roberta The Reinvention of Ivy Brown Atlantic
Thornton, Tim The Alternative Hero Vintage, Random House
Twigger, Robert Dr Ragab's Universal Language Picador, Macmillan Publishers
Weekes, Gemma Love Me Chatto & Windus
Wyld, Evie After the Fire, a Still Small Voice Jonathan Cape, Random House
Zama, Farahad The Marriage Bureau for Rich People Abacus, Little Brown
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