2016 - 2017 Long List

The long list was announced at the meeting on 16th January 2017

Author Book Publisher
Abbs, Annabel The Joyce Girl Impress
Cannon, Joanna The Trouble with Goats and Sheep Borough Press
Davies, Michelle Gone Astray Macmillan
De Waal, Kit My Name is Leon Viking
Gardner, Frank Crisi Bantam
Glasfurd, Guinevere The Words in My Hand Two Roads
Lea, Caroline When the Sky Fell Apart Text Publishing Ltd.
Lester, Jem Shtum Orion
Lynes, S E Valentina Blackbird
Meyrick, Sarah Knowing Anna Marylebone House

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Author Book Publisher
Mukherjee, Abir A Rising Man Harvill Secker
Parker, Harry Anatomy of a Soldier Faber and Faber
Rosie, Diana Alberto's Lost Birthday Mantel
Schaffner, Anna The Truth about Julia Allen & Unwin
Searle, Nicholas The Good Liar Viking
Sinha, Umi Belonging Myriad Editions
Spurrier, Ralph A Coin for the Hangman Hookline Books
Thorpe, Annabelle The People We Were Before Quercus
Walker, Adrian J The End of the World Running Club Del Ray
Weeks, Cath Blind Piatkus
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