2010 - 2011 Long List

Author Book Publisher
Abbot, David The Upright Piano Player Quercus
Allen, Maria Before the Earthquake Tindal Street
Allerton, Sara Making Shore Sarabande Scotland
Ashdown, Isabel Glasshopper Myriad Editions
Casey, Jane The Missing Ebury Press, Random House
Connolly, Tom The Spider Truces Myriad Editions
Desai, Kishwar Witness the Night Beautiful Books
Doshi, Tishani The Pleasure Seekers Bloomsbury
Forrester, James Sacred Treason Headline Review, Hachette UK
Goodwin, Daisy My Last Duchess Headline Review, Hachette UK
Henderson, Emma Grace Williams Says it Loud Sceptre, Hachette UK
Kelly, Erin The Poison Tree Hodder and Stoughton
Monaghan, Alan The Soldier's Song Pan Macmillan

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Author Book Publisher
Morgan, Terence The Master of Bruges Macmillan New Writers
Myant, Maureen The Search Alma Books
Powell, Jim The Breaking of Eggs W&N, Orion
Ryan, William The Holy Thief Pan Macmillan
Selbourne, Raphael Beauty Tindal Street
Simonson, Helen Major Pettigrew's Last Stand Bloomsbury
Smith, Dan Dry Season Orion
Solomons, Natasha Mr Rosenblum's List Sceptre, Hachette UK
Speller, Elizabeth The Return of Captain John Emmett Virago, Little Brown
Stark, Oliver American Devil Headline Review, Hachette UK
Webb, Katherine The Legacy Orion
Williams, Robert Luke and Jon Faber



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