Events and Meetings in 2013-2014

The schedule of speakers was:

Monday 16th September 2013: The speaker was Jonathan Taylor, author of Entertaining Strangers.
Monday 18th November 2013: The speaker was Nathan Filer, author of The Shock of the Fall
Monday 13th January 2014: long listing meeting; The speaker was Lezanne Clannachan, author of Jellybird, a novel about first love and murder.
Monday 24th March 2014: short listing meeting; The speaker was Susi Osborne, organiser of the Northwich LitFest and author of three novels.
Monday 30th June 2014: the voting meeting; The speaker was Erika McGann , winner of the Childrens' Award.


At the first meeting in September, Jonathan Taylor gave a fascinating talk and a couple of readings from Entertaining Strangers. He described how real events (both personal and historic) stimulated his writing of fiction. Some pictures from the very well attended meeting (about 60 people) follow:


At the second meeting in November, Nathan Filer described some of the aspects of schizophrenia which upderpin his novel The Shock of the Fall. The large audience was fascinated by Nathan's writing story and then hugely entertained by the performance of one of his poems - inspired as a love poem by the heart in his notebook (see below)!

The heart in Nathan's notebook (he had memorised the poem!).

Nathan reading from The Shock of the Fall

The Shock of the Fall

Nathan with Gwen and Wendy


At the third meeting in January, Lezanne Clannachan described the inspiration behind her novel Jellybird. The large audience was entertained by readings from both Jellybird and her new novel Rooms For Lost Souls.

Lezanne Clannachan talking to Wendy.

Lezanne speaking to readers

Lezanne signing books

Jellybird with the WRGA trophy


At the fourth meeting, in March 2014, Susi Osborne - novelist and organiser of the Northwich LitFest, spoke about the challenges of running a literary festival and her own experiences as a three-time novelist.

Susi Osborne talking.

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At the final meeting in June, the votes were counted and the winner identified. Gavin Extence was the winner of a close contest. Erika McGann then described the writing of her childrens' novel The Demon Notebook.

Erika McGann talking to Wendy.

Erika speaking to readers

Erika signing books


Award Dinner 2013

The 2013 tenth award dinner was held at Eaton Golf Club, Waverton, on 18th October 2013. The evening was hosted by Councillor Stuart Parker and the prize was presented by Professor Tim Wheeler, Vice-Chancellor of Chester University. Rachel Joyce then entertained the diners with five tales related to Harold Fry. Rachel then responded to many questions about the writing of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry , including a description of her writing shed. Some pictures of the event follow.

Rachel Joyce with Stuart Parker, Wendy and Gwen.

Rachel entrancing diners.

The imaginative table decorations

The Good Read Award trophies

The challenging book quiz.



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