Events and Meetings in 2012-2013

The schedule of speakers was:

Monday 17th September 2012: The speaker was Carol Bunyan, author of The Choir Mistress.
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Monday 26th November 2012: The speaker was Deborah Morgan author of Disappearing Home, set in Liverpool
Monday 28th January 2013: long listing meeting; The speaker was David Mark author of the thriller The Dark Winter.
Monday 25th March 2013: short listing meeting; The speaker was Gavin Extence author of The Universe Versus Alex Woods.
Monday 1st July 2013: the voting meeting; The speaker was Paul Lavin, Festivals Manager of Chester Performs.


Waverton Village Fete

The Good Read had an excellent sunny day at the fete on 6th July 2013, selling copies of Waverton Writes and of the 2012-13 entries.


Award Dinner 2012

The splendid 2012 award dinner was held at Eaton Golf Club, Waverton, on 12th October 2012. The evening was hosted by John Scrivener and the prize was presented by Gwen Cleverly, Chair of the Chester Literature Festival Programming Group, who spoke about her own experience in Nigeria. Christie Watson then spoke very entertainingly about the writing of Tiny Sunbirds Far Away and her own reaction to many issues in modern-day Nigeria. She responded to several perceptive questions from the diners, and signed books for many attendees. Some pictures of the event follow.

Christie Watson with sponsor Richard Taylor.

Gwen Cleverly and John Scrivener.

Christie Watson speaking

Christie signing books

Christie and Gwen Goodhew with a sunbird

The Sunbird-themed table decorations with the trophy. Tables were given Nigerian tribal names and the diners competed in a bird-themed quiz.


The first regular WGR event in Waverton Primary School was the talk by Carol Bunyan, author of The Choir Mistress. Carol had the audience in stitches with her self-deprecating stories of the travails of a dramatist, director and - most recently - author. Some pictures are shown below:

Carol Bunyan enthusing about the theatre and writing

Signing books

Carol in full flow


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The voting dominated the final meeting of 2012-13 on 1st July: Eventually The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce was declared to be the winner. The voters were also addressed by Paul Lavin, who gave us an insight into some of the activities to be anticipated at the Chester Festival this year. Some pictures of the evening follow:

Stephen Lloyd presenting one of the short-listed books

Counting the votes

Paul talking to Gwen

Wendy introducing Paul

Members browsing the available books


The fourth meeting of the 12/13 season saw the announcement of the five short-listed books and heard a talk by Gavin Extence about the writing of his first novel The Universe Versus Alex Woods. Gavin's novel will be a contender for the 2013/14 Good Read Award. Some pictures follow:

Gavin's lively presentation

Gavin explaining his approach to writing

The audience was fully engaged with Gavin's presentation


The third regular WGR event included a description by David Mark, author of Dark Winter of his lifelong ambition to be a crime writer, culminating in his current success with a series of stories about a "decent" detective named McAvoy. The novels are set in Hull and the discussion following David's lively talk included the publishing world's reluctance to embrace Northern settings. Some pictures are shown below:

David signing books

Reading about the Hull setting

David explaining his passion for writing


The second regular WGR event in Waverton Primary School was the lively talk by Deborah Morgan, author of Disappearing Home. Debbie really engaged the audience with her accounts of life in Liverpool and her motives and aims in writing her first novel, which centres on a 10-year-old child from a troubled home in Liverpool. Some pictures are shown below:

Debbie reading from her novel

Enthusiastically speaking

Debbie talking to Gwen before the meeting


See "Tenth Anniversary" for the special anniversary events.

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