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We welcome your opinions and suggestions for all matters relating to our book club.

Please contact Gwen Goodhew or Wendy Smedley either via e-mail or via telephone. Gwen's email address is gwen.goodhew@btinternet.com and her telephone number is 01244 336587 and Wendy's email address is petsmed@aol.com and her telephone number is 01244 332053.


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If so don't forget to thank Peter Goodhew for maintaining the site and Abdus Samad for creating it. You can contact Peter via email on peter@goodhew.co.uk.

Abdus can be contacted either via email on enquiries@abdussamad.co.uk or via mobile on 0783 707 0027. He has also got a beautiful website www.abdussamad.co.uk - don't forget to check it out!

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